• The Badger (Sergey Kashin) - drums, percussion
  • The Bear (Luke) - guitar
  • The Hare (Yuvan Zaytsev)  - vocals, shaman tambourine, jew's harp
  • The Wolf (Alexander Volkov) - bass, shaman tambourine
  • The Bat (Vladimir Ananyev - electronics, keyboards
  • The Lynx (Diana Timoshchenko) - alto, jew's harp
  • The Goose (Sergey Yalunin) - keyboards (temporary away on an ethnographical expedition in the USA)

 The Bear   The Goose

           The Hare

 The Wolf  The Badger

 The Bat

Every group member has its own totem animal.

Although the group was formed by the Hare, due to Khanty mythology the Bear is the principal Улыбка.

Alexander Volvov started his musical career in late 1980's in a punk group named Furuncle. In the beginning of the 1990s Alexander reached local success with the blues-rock band Rezinovyi Yozhik. He was a member of the original H-Ural cast, than left for 1.5 years to re-join the ensemble in late 2008.

Luke played together with Volkov in the band Furuncle. After a few projects he left the scene and joined H-Ural in September 2007 just before their first live show.

Sergey Yalunin first entered  the stage of the Legendary Rock Club as a member of a nihilistic project Fraction of Idiotism. Sergey permanently experimented with different musical styles from hardcore punk to drum'n'bass.  His home-cut album ‘Faustschlag' influenced Uvan to change the original H-Ural's concept by adding more electronic ingrediends. Since 2009 Sergey is living in the USA.

Yuvan's first musical experience was playing drums in his school fellow's band ‘Atemi'. In 1994 he created a multi genre band Black Hole which never toured or recorded. Later on he formed a local pop rock band Monty Python but left after a few live shows and radio appearances. In the late 2006 Uvan offered Yalunin to create H-Ural.

Sergey Kashin played drums in several Ural bands, including a grunge formation Catharsis (having nothing to do with the power-metal band of the same name). He joined H-Ural as a session drummer but then decided to become a permanent member of the band.

Diana Timoschenko played alro in a celtic music band Raido. In 2010 she joined H-Ural live for one gig and appeared in the band's first official video. Since 2012 Diana is H-Ural's permanent member.

Vladimir Ananyev. Originally of Illaria (a power metal band). Joined H-Ural in April 2010 just before Karelian Summer Festival.


The Deer (Maria Oleneva): 2007-2011

The Hedgehog (Mikhail Klein): 2007-2008