Songs - MP3

Mish Ar (The Song Of A Mish Spirit)
A number about a ghost of a river Agan coming to join the Bear Celebration.

Saly Urne Oyka Eryg (An Old Hunter's Song) 

An old hunter sings about his deer and beautiful nature around. The song is being performed in Mansi language.

Oschkhul Arye (A Rouse Song) 
A rouse song in Khanty language. We wish you happiness and luck. Never give up!

Khanshan Luk Evie (Capercaillie Daughter)
A Khanty lullaby song.

Ai Kul (Silvan)
A song about a guy stealing his girl from a village pretending a Sylvan.

Shaman's Road 
The song is dedicated to the memory of the last Nganasan shaman Delsymyaku Kostyorkin.

Akem ar (The Uncle's Song)
A Kahnty wedding song.

Shanush Pokh (Shanush Boy)
Shanush boy is so cheerful, that he's able to dance both on his legs and on his arms.

Siberian Rocky
The song is dedicated to Mansi boxer Ruslan Provodnikov who won championship just after the composition has been recorded.

The Cyber Ghost
A forgotten ghost, who lost his holy places, goes to Internet to find new worshippers - virtual shamans.

Vurna Ar (The Crow Song)
'The Crow Song' in Khanty language is a part of a traditional Khanty and Mansi Crow Cult. Mother Crow wishes people success, good hunting and many children.

Celebration of the Bear 
The song is about the traditional Khanty and Mansi Bear Cult. A Bear Celebration continues 4 or 5 days and about 300 songs are being sung through it. This is one of these songs which gathers people to join the celebration.

The Battle of Chulmandor
The song is based on an old legend about the battle of Chulmandor where Mansi and Komi took over the Mongols. It was the first time when Europeans took over nomads in the 13th century.

My True Love
A ballad based on a sad tale about a girl who preferred to be buried in the sand to stay true to her dead lover.

Ily Vuhalty Ar (The Coming Down from the Sky Song)
Another part of the Bear Celebration tells the story about Heaven's god Torum's son, who came down from the sky to rule the Earth. He have forgotten father's advices, lost his immortality, turned into a beast and was killed by the hunters.

New Gods
People have forgotten the old gods to find the ones: Money & Power.

The Ural Race
The group's manifesto concerns several social and ecological problems of modern civilization. Come back to the roots to find the answers!