Khanty shamanic rock band H-Ural [hur'al] is the first ensemble which combined music of taiga peoples, rock and modern electronic sounds.

The sound of the band is formed by the elements of Khanty and Mansi folk music, rock, hip-hop, house and funk. H-Ural uses traditional folk (jew's harp, shamanic tambourine, Karelian flute) and 'common' instruments (guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, violin).

H-Ural's lyrics combine myths and legends of Khanty and Mansi, love poetry and problems of the modern civilization. The band sings in five languges: Khanty, Mansi, Russian, English and German. Nowadays H-Ural is the world's most known rock band performing songs in Ob-Ugrian (Khanty and Mansi) languages.

H-Ural performed successfully on various festivals and club concerts in Russia, Finland, Sweden and Kazakhstan. In June 2008 H-Ural headlined the open-air on the 5th World Finno-Ugric Congress in Khanty-Mansiysk.

In 2011 H-Ural collaborated in Osan Yöstä (A Part Of The Night) project which resulted in Revontulet (Northern Lights) song in 6 languages often called ‘the unofficial Finno-Ugric anthem'. The song became part of H-Ural's live set featuring guest appearances of other Finno-Ugric artists.

H-Ural's live performances include original shamanic dances and a video-sequence.